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The life of a Quartine Artist

With the Corona19 going on, I'm pretty much settled into the quartine life. For the most part I'm fine with staying home and keeping to myself. This is the advantage of being an introvert and artist. The only thing that has been making me feel cooped up is the rain. today I'm lucky because it's sunny. I was out earlier going for a walk looking at the trees and flowers, plus watching the birds.

Lately I've been creating and perfecting my art doll necklaces. Right now I have five completed and I'm working on four more. I really enjoy making them.  I have a lot of ideas for future dolls.

In between making dolls I did an art challenge by Annie Stegg. It was just for fun and for a little practice.

Also I've been doing a good bit of sketching on my iPad pro. Anymore I do most of my sketching on it while setting and watching TV in my living room. Eventually I might even release them into a coloring book.

Well this is pretty much all the art related updates…

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