Art and more Art

So I've been really busy doing different projects and trying to be more active in connecting with the public. I did a small show recently in the town I live. I met some aspiring young artist and got some new collectors of my work. I have also entered a portrait I drew of my grandmother and my Native American mermaid "Ama" into an art contest at a gallery not to far from my house. Whether I win or loose, it's the experience of just getting my work seen more in person by the public and meeting other working artist.

My mailbox was looking pretty sad, so husband bought a bigger metal one and I did paintings on both sides and front. The other side is a woodpecker with babies and the front is morel mushrooms and white flowers. I wanted to do something that what our home is about. The wildlife here is wonderful and abundant. I love living in the country.

I also have been doing a good bit of acrylic paintings. Mostly small little canvases, but I did get a commission project to paint a river and wv hills in the background. I enjoyed it a lot and it was the perfect subject. Next week I give a free paint class to the girl scouts. I'm getting better with acrylics and learning more about mixing colors .

I started this project tonight and will hav it finished and listed soon on eBay. You can go to my other auctions here -> Go to my eBay


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