A lot has been going on and really busy lately. My business has been going thru changes. I had to make the hard decision recently to drop my domain name of my website (HollyDurrArt). Originally when I opened my very first website it was (thatsthefairies). Then after a year I renamed it to HollyDurrArt. I’ve had HollyDurrArt since 2006. My site was originally hosted thru yahoo and I moved it, because they kept raising the prices. At the time I moved it to Limes Domain. They were a pretty good company, but shortly after I moved they sold it to Gotonames. Gotonames at first was ok and you could call or email and they would help you. Then after a couple of years I started noticing broken links on their site. In the last 4 or 5 years they removed their phone number from their site. I decided to move my site, because of the SSL. I wanted my site to be secure and they wanted to charge a outrageous price for that service. So I decided to move my domain. Fast forward I decided to go with Interserver, but quickly found out that Gotonames wasn’t going to allow my domain to move. They would not respond to any emails or requests for my secret key. Also I turned off the auto renew on my site and they turned it back on. So I turned it off again. Because it’s thru PayPal I went ahead and removed them from automatic payments. So if they turn it back on, they will just hit a brick wall and not receive payment. 

My husband came up with the name of my new website, I wanted to use my last name and he combine it with maid, because I draw a lot of mermaids. I did some changes and I’m slowly doing more. I decided to downsize and remove older art, because I have to recode a lot of my site. I removed ACEO’s, magnets, and bookmarks. I added new product pages, for products I will be adding in the near future.

A new product that will be added soon is my Art dolls. I have come up with a official name for the dolls. They will be called, “HollyDollys”. I pick that name, because when I was little my grandparents and everyone called me Holly Dolly. I think it’s very fitting.

Also a Handmade section is added to my site. This is for unique handmade products like, painted jewelry boxes, original art bookmarks, original art magnets, wall or tree ornaments, etc. 

Lastly I will be doing hand painted necklaces. I will not only do wildlife, but fantasy such as mermaids. 

Besides working on my website, I have been working on a variety of projects. I’m trying to finish up more HollyDollys. I have been working on a personal project for my kitchen. It’s a acrylic mermaid painting. I have a watercolor painting started and the photo above is a digital sketch of colored pencil piece I’m starting today.


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