Untimely End, Acrylics on Wood


It's hard to believe that fall is here. I've been very busy homeschooling my daughter and on my free time catching up with house work and trying to squeeze in some time to create art. 

I decided to start focusing more on painting with acrylics. I have worked so much in colored pencil over the years, I just become bored after a short time of using them in the studio. They do have their limitations. Paint is much quicker for me. I want to do  pieces larger and paint can cover an open area faster. Colored pencil takes a long time to build up layers. 

I am using both golden fluid and liquitex soft body acrylics. I really like both, but I think the golden is slightly better. 

This painting is my most recent, called "Untimely End". The colors turned out amazing. 

I have a lot of projects lined up to work on. I'm still working on the sketches for them. I have ordered a bunch of wood panels for my upcoming projects.

I still have lots of dolls to make and finish. Maybe sometime next year I will be starting with watercolors as well. I really enjoy different mediums. I know I will no longer just stick with colored pencils. 


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