Sea Queen

I’ve been very busy over the fall and winter homeschooling my daughter. She is way ahead and farther along than the kids in school. This spring I hope to get her out in the woods for more hands on science. 

Anyhow, I’ve definitely had the winter blues and just haven’t felt very creative. But last week my daughter went to stay with her aunt and I had a lot of extra time on my hands. So I decided to get out some canvas sheets and start painting. This is the first time painting with acrylics felt so natural, like colored pencils. Though I work a few times on canvas it finally clicked for me. I actually like the texture in canvas. Even though with colored pencils I work on smooth surface paper, it’s nice to have a change. 

I probably won’t be doing to much art until my daughter is close to finishing up her homeschooling for summer break, which will be a lot sooner, because she started earlier and didn’t have breaks like most kids did.


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